June 22, 2024 9:36 pm
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Michigan College Graduation Rates this Decade


Mohamed Bughrara

According to the latest data from Michigan, the average college graduation rate is 67.37 percent with just over 31,000 of the 47,389 students completing their degree within 6 years. 

There is a notable uptick in students completing their education when factoring in a couple of additional years since only 43.9 percent of students in the state graduate by the end of their traditional four years.  In Michigan colleges, 20,848 students graduated in four years, an added 8,848 students graduated in five years and an additional 2,115 students graduated in six years.

When looking closely at the numbers of who is graduating there is a slight gender distinction with 64 percent of the graduates identifying as male, while 70 percent identify as female. Last year, 14,188 male and 17,737 female students graduated, finishing their studies after six years.

Michigan colleges also have a strong retention rate – the percentage of students that return to college for their sophomore year – of 77.33 percent for full-time students although that number drops to 55.26 percent for part-time students.

The average transfer-out rate – the number of students who have transferred out of another educational institution – is 9.59 percent.